The Centre

What the Centre means to us

The Amita Buddha Centre is a place for you to practise meditation, explore Buddhism in more depth, and all things that help with well-being. You can connect with like-minded people in a spirit of support and camaraderie, lead by our team of compassionate, dedicated individuals. We call this a Sangha.

Our Mission

As a centre, we offer both online and drop in meditation classes, mindfulness workshops, and retreats. As a group, we're also about supporting and helping our community.

Corporate Services

Meditation in the workplace is scientifically proven to deliver increased resilience, productivity and focus. All of which contributes to an uplift in the bottom line. If you want to get the best results from your business, it’s vital to look after your team.

School Visits

All year round many local schools, community groups and others visit the peaceful setting of the Amita Buddha Centre for an explanation of our beautiful meditation & shrine room (with Buddhist statues and art) and talks on meditation and the Buddhist way of life.

Work in the Community

Our work isn't just providing meditation classes, retreats, and workshops to support your well-being. We are also committed to helping the disadvantaged within our own local community and further afield.

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The spiritual teachings and practices of ancient India were developed by the Brahmans, and were then evolved and transmitted by the great saint Shakyamuni Buddha over 2400 years ago.

Dharma Rites

One of the greatest services Maha Amita Temple offers the community is to conduct dharma rites. A Dharma Rite is a Buddhist ritual prayer ceremony where a group of esoteric practitioners gathers together and prays for a common goal.

Chinese New Year

In Chinese astrology every year is governed by a zodiac sign. Your luck, success, and prosperity is affected by the ruling zodiac sign of the current year. If your personal zodiac sign does not have a favorable relationship with the sign of the current year, it can cause challenging circumstances throughout the year.

Policies & Procedures

As part of our Charity Governance, we've made our policies and procedures available for you to download.

We are a team of dedicated, compassionate individuals.