Burning Incense

It's Time to Unite!

Let go of the fear ...
Jo Slater

By Jo Slater

Published on 07/12/2020
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So much division and hatred going on all over the world right now. Republicans, Democrats, Liberals, Tories, Black, White, EU, UK, Transgender, Female, Male, COVID, conspiracy, and on and on and on. A great deal of fear and victimhood is being experienced globally, dividing us all, making it very easy for those less scrupulous beings who have forgotten who they truly are, bless them, to manipulate us into giving up our power and living lives we don’t really want to live.

What we need now more than ever is unity, patience, tolerance and compassion. We are all one - yet we forget. We are more powerful than we realise. Take back your power! But how?

Turn off the t.v.

Stop reading the ‘news’ papers

Let go of the fear
We are all one ❤️