Blue Buddha

Do You Know Who You Are?

You can spend a lifetime trying to be One with the Great Spirit or, simply shift your focus within, let go of the thoughts, receive the love that was always there and realise you already are.
Jo Slater

By Jo Slater

Published on 05/04/2021
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It’s all about getting into the heart centre. Connecting with your heart centre and opening it up. Start by placing your hand on your heart centre - the centre of your chest - not the heart, the heart centre. Breathe into your heart centre. Imagine in your heart centre, there’s a lotus flower and one by one the petals are opening. Practice this daily, multiple times a day.

Now, the hard work is to remain in that centre. To do this you have to let go of everything that no longer serves you. Let go of judgement, anger, fear, shame, resentment, pride, greed, envy, jealousy. Let go of being right all the time - don’t you know that comes from a deep place of insecurity sweet-one? Let that shit go. Allow yourself not to know. Be empty. Expand your awareness. Let the thoughts go. Overthinking will have you running around in circles. Forgive everyone. If you don’t it will hold you back. Breathe deeply into your heart centre again. Now generate a feeling of gratitude - for your life, for your home, for your people, for everything. This is grace. You realise how wealthy you are. Become receptive. Become comfortable with being vulnerable. No fear. Love yourself. Meditate so you can connect within.

You ARE! No less than the stars! Remember?

Now isn’t that so much better?