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We are a non-denominational school following the path of universal truth. We teach a form of ancient meditation based on the ‘Three Mysteries’ which are mudra, mantra and visualisation. These engage your body, speech and mind. When all three dynamic parts of your being are engaged, it leads to a very deep sense of relaxation.

If you are longing for self-discovery and urge to be free, this school is for you. Discover your true self - that which is real and in accordance with the insights and direct experiences of the great sages and seers of all time.

So come on in, take off your shoes, sit down, and get comfy…

Let's Rise Together

We are so very happy to announce we have an AMAZING and FREE 3 Month, online Qi-Gong Workshop beginning in January.

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Come and meet the team who make up the Amita Buddha Centre.

You can help us to better our community by donating to support our meditation classes, charity work, and workshops and retreats.

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I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the Mindfulness course. I have taken so much from it. I am already a good deal calmer and am able to pull myself back when I feel I am losing control which is something I have not previously been able to do. Meditation is having a very positive effect on my life. The things we talked about in class have resonated with me very much and I replay these things in my mind and it is all starting to make sense to me. I am delighted to start my 100 days meditation with the help of the CD today and can not wait to start. I also met some lovely people. Again thank you so much.
Carol Barns

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