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We are a non-denominational school following the path of universal truth. We teach a form of ancient meditation based on the ‘Three Mysteries’ which are mudra, mantra and visualisation. These engage your body, speech and mind. When all three dynamic parts of your being are engaged, it leads to a very deep sense of relaxation.

If you are longing for self-discovery and urge to be free, this school is for you. Discover your true self - that which is real and in accordance with the insights and direct experiences of the great sages and seers of all time.

So come on in, take off your shoes, sit down, and get comfy…

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It is always a relaxing and an enjoyable part of my week to share time in our group, learning and experiencing the positive emotional effects of meditation classes and our own personal time with meditating which I feel are of benefit, understanding and support not only to myself but with my family and friends. Although we have an hour with our teacher it always seems more because Jo inspires each of us to give ourselves time and space to allow ourselves our own understanding, awareness and patience with learning and enjoying meditation. Thank you Jo x
Kay Overfield

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