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We are a non-denominational school following the path of universal truth. We teach a form of ancient meditation based on the ‘Three Mysteries’ which are mudra, mantra and visualisation. These engage your body, speech and mind. When all three dynamic parts of your being are engaged, it leads to a very deep sense of relaxation.

If you are longing for self-discovery and urge to be free, this school is for you. Discover your true self - that which is real and in accordance with the insights and direct experiences of the great sages and seers of all time.

So come on in, take off your shoes, sit down, and get comfy…

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Thanks for being such an excellent meditation teacher. Your lessons are clear, direct and made simple for even slow minds like mine to grasp! It’s amazing how much you get into one hour without rushing and also with time to spare for questions and discussion. I like the fact that you give your full attention to anyone who needs it, no matter how trivial the problem. You encourage us to work out answers to deep and complex questions for ourselves, rather than you just dictating the “correct” solutions – which I think is a better way to learn. Many thanks again.
Laurie Sims

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